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- Since 1951 -

Lawn and Garden Care

We are always here to help you with all your lawn and garden care needs. A healthy and green lawn and beautiful gardens are a source of pride for any homeowner. We are here to help you grow and maintain that. It's a lot easier and more affordable than you may think. You don't need an expensive professional to have a landscape that you're proud of, you just need the right advice and a little time.

These trusted names in lawn and garden care can be found at Gene's: 

Scotts® makes everything you need for rich and beautiful lawn. Everything from grass seed and seeding soil to fertilizers can be found at Gene's. Scotts annual 4-Step® program is an excellent package that provides the season long care your lawn needs. Stop in for advice from our Scotts® certified staff.

Gene's is an authorized Scotts LawnPro Retailer. Scotts LawnPro products are the highest grade of quality that Scotts offers and are only available at independent garden centers. (Not available at big box retailers) This is an example proving you truly do get a better product when you shop at here at Gene's.




Excellent supplier of all types of Grass Seed. Jonathan Green supplies our own "South Jersey Mix", blend of grass seed which is formulated for use in all areas whether it be shady or sunny. Another fantastic product from Jonathan Green is Mag-I-Cal™, which is a fast acting lime. One bag will cover the area of 5 bags of regular pelletized lime. Learn more about the reccomended application of Jonathan Green products here.





Other gardening necessities available at Gene's:


-Potting Mix

-Top Soil

-Bagged Mulch (Cedar and other types and colors)

-Insect Controls

-Weed Controls

-Fertilizers for all types of plants, shrubs, and trees

-Organic Fertilizer

-Animal Repellents

-Much More


*Lawn and garden products generally available during Spring (Mid March through May) 





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Store Hours (hours vary by season)

March - April: 9am - 6pm*

May - June: 8am - 6pm*

July - August: 8am - 6pm*

Sept. - October: 9am - 5pm weekdays & 9am - 6pm weekends*

Nov - Dec: Fri, Sat, & Sun 11am - 4pm*

Jan - Feb: Closed

* Hours subject to change due to weather and other factors. Please call to confirm to exact times on any given day.

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